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Senator Tom Kean

Senate Republicans Release Sick Leave Reform Calculator

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Reminder That Democrats Have Yet to End an Indefensible Perk Costing Taxpayers Millions

New Jersey taxpayers can now view the cost to their individual communities of accumulated unused sick leave by public workers on the Senate Republicans’ website. The “Sick Leave Reform Calculator” demonstrates the financial liabilities incurred by local governments to date as a result of a special perk that has yet to be banned by lawmakers.

With no action scheduled by the Majority on legislation ending these payments prior to the close of the current legislative session, Trenton Democrats have all but ensured that an indefensible practice yielding no public benefit will continue for the foreseeable future.

Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean, Jr. (R- Union) encouraged residents to visit, view their own community’s unused sick leave liability, and pressure Democratic lawmakers to pass the Republican bill to make sick time a “use it or lose it” proposition for public workers:

“While I am still hopeful that the Majority will come to its senses before this legislative session expires, it doesn’t look good. I urge taxpayers everywhere to take a look at their town’s sick leave liability and demand action from their elected officials.

Apparently, the value of preserving this perk to the Democrats’ special interest allies trumps the value of doing the right thing for property taxpayers, which is truly unfortunate considering even the Senate President admits sick leave should no longer carry cash value.”

“This wrongheaded policy has already racked up an $825 million liability to local budgets, and left to the Majority that policy will be allowed to continue in perpetuity.”

“There is no good reason to put the residents of New Jersey on the hook for another nickel in unused sick time. It speaks volumes about the Democrats’ priorities that they are trying to justify and preserve a taxpayer- funded perk that virtually nobody else in New Jersey receives.”

Click here to try the Sick Leave Reform Calculator.

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