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Kean, Cardinale Stand with the People Unanimously Opposed to the Democrats’ Election-Rig Scheme

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Dems’ SCR-188/ACR-4 Means Taxation without Representation for at Least 75% of NJ

Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean and Ranking Republican Senator Gerald Cardinale stood with dozens of experts, residents and organizations who at Thursday’s State Government hearing unanimously opposed and pushed to stop the Democrats’ election rigging scheme, SCR-188.

Senators Tom Kean and Gerry Cardinale stood with dozens of experts, residents and organizations to oppose the Democrats’ election rigging scheme, SCR-188. (

“This Democrat political scheme would give lifelong tenure to at least 90 of New Jersey’s 120 legislators,” said Kean (R-Union, Somerset, Morris). “It would give at least 75 percent of the legislature a free pass to fail their constituents, as voters would no longer have a basic democratic ability to hold them accountable in elections. This Democrat attempt to rig elections is anti-American, and that’s why no other U.S. state has required non-competitive legislative districts in their constitutions or statutes.”

As stated by political scientist Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, the Democrats’ SCR-188 “fails miserably” and is a “bald-faced attempt to pull the wool over voters’ eyes; making them complicit in a process that will only serve to increase their cynicism about politics.”

Murray was joined in his opposition by fellow election experts, grassroots democracy leaders, residents and business representatives, including former Rutgers’ Eagleton Institute of Politics Professor Ingrid Reed, and Latino Leadership Alliance President Maria Teresa Montilla.

Nobody, not even the sponsors of this legislation, showed up at the hearing in support of SCR-188/ACR-4 or offered any reason why it would be good for the people of New Jersey.

Those who testified today urged Democrats to withdraw this legislation for several reasons, including the following:

  • SCR-188 would rig at least 75 percent of legislative elections, which disenfranchises millions of residents and prevents minority populations from being able to elect candidates of their choice;
  • SCR-188 would make New Jersey the first state to enshrine non-competitive districts in constitution or statute;
  • SCR-188 would manipulate legislative districts for politicians using irrelevant statewide political data; and
  • SCR-188 includes misleading ballot language and is being fast-tracked by Democrats without a proper convention or public input.

“This constitutional amendment says that for 75 percent of the people of this state, their votes won’t count because the outcome of elections will be predetermined,” said Cardinale (R-Bergen). “Residents should have the ability to affect policy matters in this state with their vote at the polls. As legislators, we do not own the votes we cast on issues. Those votes are owned by the people we represent. This Democrat proposal, however, is designed to insulate legislators from the will of the people by stripping their ability to make their voices heard.”

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