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Senator Michael Testa

Senator Michael Testa

South Jersey Legislators, Sheriff and Local Mayors Work Together to Combat Sanctuary State Policies

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The District 1 legislative team joined Cape May Sheriff Bob Nolan and local municipal officials for a conference call with local mayors to discuss the impact of New Jersey’s sanctuary policies on law enforcement and efforts to challenge the intrusive directives from the attorney general.

Testa, Simonsen & McClellan and the Cape May County Freeholders rallied behind Sheriff Bob Nolan on October 4, 2019 in support of his efforts to protect Cape May County from the impact of Governor Murphy’s sanctuary state policies. (

“The refusal of Murphy and his attorney general to enforce federal and state immigration laws continues to endanger law-abiding citizens,” said Senator Michael Testa (R-1). “Not only is the Murphy Administration evading our laws, they are treating illegal aliens to drivers’ licenses, college financial aid, and lawyers to fight deportation. Sheriff Nolan has my unyielding support in his struggle to protect New Jersey families from crimes committed by illegal aliens who have no respect for our laws and no fear of the consequences.”

Sanctuary directives from Attorney General Grewal prevent law enforcement agencies from honoring federal detainer requests to hold illegal immigrants who have been arrested or jailed for criminal activity in New Jersey until they can be transferred to federal immigration authorities.

“Politics should never interfere with public safety, but these ‘liberal policies’ handed down by the progressives in Trenton are handcuffing law enforcers and preventing them from doing their jobs,” said Assemblyman Antwan McClellan (R-1). “We will continue to stand with the Sheriff and all members of the law enforcement community who work every day to keep our communities safe.”

Assemblymen Simonsen (left) and McClellan (right) listen to Cape May County Sheriff Nolan discuss his concerns with Gov. Murphy’s sanctuary state policies.

Grewal’s directives also restrict other types of cooperation between local, state, and federal authorities that could help keep New Jersey families safe and blocks federal immigration authorities from accessing local law enforcement databases.

“Hard-working residents who follow the rules and do the right things are being treated like second-class citizens,” said Assemblyman Erik Simonsen (R-1), whose family includes immigrants who came here legally. “The governor and attorney general should be working on behalf of state residents, not putting them at risk.”

Sheriff Nolan signed on to a federal program, committing to coordinate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and other federal agencies when illegal immigrants are processed through Cape May County’s jail.

In October, Grewal moved to block the program. The issue is currently in the courts.

“I appreciate the support of the District 1 legislators who share my concern with irresponsible immigration policies that make illegal immigrants a protected class immune from our laws,” said Nolan. “Together, we will continue to fight for the interests of the residents of Cape May County and the rest of the state.”

The LD 1 team of Testa, McClellan and Simonsen said they will continue to provide Cape May County constituents with updates on legislative efforts to fight sanctuary policies and the ongoing court case.

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