New Jersey's 8th Legislative District

Senator Jean Stanfield

Senator Jean Stanfield

Stanfield’s Bill Fighting Human Trafficking Becomes Law

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Legislation sponsored by Senator Jean Stanfield to combat human trafficking was signed into law today.

Sen. Jean Stanfield’s bill to disqualify any person convicted of human trafficking from operating a commercial motor vehicle was signed into law. (Pixabay)

The new law disqualifies any person convicted of human trafficking from operating a commercial motor vehicle. The bipartisan measure, S-356/A3089, also sponsored by Senator Vin Gopal, S-356/A3089, passed the Senate with a 39-0 vote on March 3, and the Assembly approved it 77-0 on March 24.

“This will prevent convicted traffickers from climbing back into trucks and transporting more victims into the hopelessness of the sex trade,” said Stanfield (R-8). “Human trafficking is a heinous crime conducted in the shadows of every region of our nation. Box trucks, 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles are often utilized by traffickers to shuttle victims to secret locations and back and forth across state lines.”

According to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, networks of traffickers frequently move their victims from city to city, “controlling them through confinement and complicated debt bondage schemes.”

“It is imperative that as legislators we do more to protect the victims of human trafficking and shield potential victims from the threat.”

The sex trade preys on vulnerable victims, mostly women of all ages who can become trapped in a dangerous web. Trucks and truck stops play a significant role in sustaining the illegal billion dollar industry.

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