New Jersey Senate Republicans

Senate Republican Solutions

Strengthening Families, Empowering People

Implement Sandy Reforms to Protect Victims & Aid Recovery

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The people of New Jersey have shown their true mettle with an impressive response to Superstorm Sandy, the most devastating natural disaster in our state’s history.

As a state, we’ve done much to assist in the recovery and protect families as they rebuild.

Senate Republican solutions will offer additional help to those who continue to struggle with government red tape, contractor fraud, and the great personal emotional and financial cost that has accompanied this challenging recovery process.

Solutions for Recovery & Preparedness

Continues tax exempt status of certain real property owned by disabled veterans during reconstruction of homes destroyed by flood, storm, or other act of God.

Makes revisions to “Contractors’ Registration Act.”

Requires insurers that sell flood insurance to provide certain policyholders with certain information.

Revises “Contractors Registration Act” to include water remediation services.

Revises the “Contractors’ Registration Act.”

Establishes program providing grants for Superstorm Sandy recovery in exchange for reduction of affordable housing obligation.

Strengthening Families,
Empowering People

Public Health & Safety

Recovery & Preparedness

Equal Opportunity

Lowering Costs,
Creating Opportunities



Rebuilding Trust

Preparing Students,
Enhancing Education

New Options

Better Classrooms

Career & College Readiness