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Lowering Costs, Creating Opportunities

Rebuilding Trust in Government

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We believe that our government institutions are important. They provide critical services that people depend upon and protect our rights.

Too frequently, however, we have been let down by failures in these institutions and those we have entrusted to serve the public. Those failures end up costing taxpayers.

Senate Republican solutions will rebuild trust in government by increasing transparency, improving accessibility, and doing more to hold public officials accountable for their actions.

Solutions to Rebuild Trust in Government

“Transparency in Government Act;” provides for establishment of State public finance website; requires certain public entities receiving State funds to establish similar website; makes an appropriation.

Eliminates power of DRPA to finance economic development; changes composition of board; imposes restrictions regarding financing, contract procedures, conflicts of interest, and review audits; creates commuter’s council.

Provides governance, transparency, and accountability reforms at PANYNJ.

Provides for mandatory forfeiture of retirement benefits of elected official convicted of crime involving office held.

Imposes mandatory forfeiture of public office, position or employment upon conviction of certain offenses.

Requires State Comptroller to receive and provide certain independent authority employee information on State Comptroller’s website.

Requires ELEC to provide ethics training for governmental affairs agents.

Establishes measures to improve transparency and accountability of regional authorities of this State; enhances oversight of those authorities by Governor and State Comptroller.

Provides full forfeiture of pension of elected or appointed official convicted of any crime touching office.

Lowering Costs,
Creating Opportunities



Rebuilding Trust

Preparing Students,
Enhancing Education

New Options

Better Classrooms

Career & College Readiness

Strengthening Families,
Empowering People

Public Health & Safety

Recovery & Preparedness

Equal Opportunity