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Senate Republican Solutions

Strengthening Families, Empowering People

Making NJ Safer for Children, Families & Seniors

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New Jersey faces significant public health and safety challenges, including addiction and opioid abuse, domestic violence, and new vulnerabilities related to technologies like smart phones and the Internet.

Senate Republican solutions will make New Jersey a safer place for children, families and seniors.

Solutions to Improve Public Health & Safety

Increases criminal penalties if leaving loaded firearm within easy access of minor results in injury or death.

Requires certain school buses to be equipped with lap and shoulder seat belts.

Establishes Office of Ombudsman for Individuals with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities and their Families.

Authorizes school nurses to administer opioid antidotes to overdose victims on school property, with immunity from civil, criminal, and professional liability, pursuant to “Overdose Prevention Act.”

Requires uniform response procedures for all domestic crisis teams established or participated in by law enforcement agencies, and strengthens Statewide supervision over teams.

Establishes standards for Batterers’ Intervention Programs in domestic violence cases.

“Antwan’s Law”; allows counties and municipalities to establish, or request DOT to establish, reduced speed limits near schools.

Urges New Jersey Supreme Court to create Technology Task Force within Supreme Court’s State Domestic Violence Working Group.

Urges New Jersey Supreme Court and Attorney General to revise their jointly-created County Domestic Violence Working Groups to add additional members and responsibilities.

Strengthening Families,
Empowering People

Public Health & Safety

Recovery & Preparedness

Equal Opportunity

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Creating Opportunities



Rebuilding Trust

Preparing Students,
Enhancing Education

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