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Senate Republican Solutions

Lowering Costs, Creating Opportunities

Creating Opportunities to Work & Prosper

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We need to ensure that all of our residents have the opportunity to build fulfilling careers in a vibrant New Jersey economy.

Senate Republican solutions would strengthen New Jersey’s workforce training efforts, make us a worldwide hub for innovation, draw more job creators to the state, address the reasons that businesses leave, and provide more and better job opportunities for New Jerseyans.

Solutions to Get You Working

Establishes Office of Economic Research in Department of State.

Establishes technology transfer assistance program in EDA.

Permits EDA to designate institutions of higher education or other qualified entities as manufacturing and production business resource centers.

Establishes Office of Tourism Research; requires specific measures concerning tourism advertising, marketing, research, and tourism-related business training.

Provides dedicated funding for promotion of apprenticeships and apprenticeship programs from Workforce Development Partnership Fund.

Provides preferences for certain businesses applying for workforce development grants.

Lowering Costs,
Creating Opportunities



Rebuilding Trust

Preparing Students,
Enhancing Education

New Options

Better Classrooms

Career & College Readiness

Strengthening Families,
Empowering People

Public Health & Safety

Recovery & Preparedness

Equal Opportunity