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Preparing Students, Enhancing Education

Prepare Students for College or the Workforce

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New Jersey has made great strides in recent years to invest in our institutions of higher education, and to identify opportunities for our colleges and universities to enter into research partnerships with businesses creating pathways to employment for skilled students.

Senate Republican solutions will make attending the state’s colleges and universities more affordable, and continue our efforts to prepare our graduates with in-demand skills that are valuable in the workforce.

Solutions to Improve Career & College Readiness

Requires institutions of higher education to provide greater assistance to certain students with military obligations.

Requires tuition bills of public institutions of higher education to include details on student fees and opt-out provision for student-managed entertainment fees, and requires certain institutions’ websites to include student fee information.

Provides tax credits to companies contributing to loan and loan redemption program for residents who attend institutions of higher education in the State and work at such a company upon graduation.

Establishes “College Credit Requirement Commission” to examine academic credit requirements for associate and baccalaureate degree programs and academic majors at New Jersey’s public institutions of higher education.

Establishes tuition reimbursement program for certain advanced practice nurses who provide mental health care services in underserved areas in New Jersey.

Requires institutions of higher education to compile and report success in meeting performance metrics.

Preparing Students,
Enhancing Education

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