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Senate Republican Solutions

Lowering Costs, Creating Opportunities

Making New Jersey Affordable

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We need to make New Jersey an affordable place to live, work and retire.

Too many of our families struggle under the state’s excessive tax burden, too many of our businesses are driven to lower cost states, and too many of our retirees are forced to move away from their children and grandchildren.

Senate Republican solutions would make New Jersey more affordable by addressing the high cost of government that has driven state and local taxes to unbearable levels for our families and businesses.

Solutions to Make New Jersey Affordable

Imposes limits on the payment of supplemental compensation for unused accumulated sick leave and the accumulation of vacation leave to any current or future State, local government, or board of education employee

Allows gross income tax deduction for charitable contributions to certain New Jersey-based charitable organizations.

Reforms procedures concerning provisions of affordable housing; repeals “Statewide Non-Residential Development Fee Act.”

Establishes primary health care plan with optional riders in SEHBP for school employees; requires contribution by school employees for health care benefits.

Establishes primary health care plan with optional riders in SHBP for public employees.

Sets level for health care benefits; requires employee contributions; prohibits reimbursement of Medicare Part B; adds member to SHBP/SEHBP plan design committees; requires retirees to purchase health care through exchanges.

Creates Public Employee Pension and Health Care Benefits Reform Task Force.

Limits certain unused sick leave pay and vacation leave carry-forward for public officers and employees.

Proposes constitutional amendment to authorize changes to pension and health care benefits of public employees and to require State to make annual pension payments in certain circumstances.

Lowering Costs,
Creating Opportunities



Rebuilding Trust

Preparing Students,
Enhancing Education

New Options

Better Classrooms

Career & College Readiness

Strengthening Families,
Empowering People

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