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Singer-Sponsored Bill, Cleared by Senate, Would Ban Disclosure of Judges’ Home Addresses

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‘Daniel’s Law’ Named for Federal Judge’s Son, Killed in an Attack on New Jersey Home

Bipartisan legislation protecting the privacy, the address and the safety of federal, state and municipal judges and judicial officers passed the Senate today.

The Senate approved Senator Singer’s measure protecting the privacy, the addresses and the safety of federal, state and municipal judges and judicial officers. (©iStock)

“The proliferation of information online, and it’s easy accessibility with today’s technology has made it possible to learn so much about unsuspecting individuals,” said Senator Robert Singer, one of the bill sponsors. “Unfortunately, that information can be dangerous in the wrong hands. This bill takes necessary steps to shield details about judges and others in the judicial system that could expose them or put their lives at risk.”

The bill (A-1649/S-2797/S-2925) was introduced in response to an incident on July 19, when a man posing as a FedEx employee went to the home of U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas and opened fire once the door was answered, killing Judge Salas’s 20-year-old son, Daniel, and seriously injuring her husband, Mark.

The shooter was 72-year-old defense attorney who reportedly kept a list of more than a dozen other targets, including at least three more judges. He was later found dead in his car, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

“That tragedy exposed some gaping vulnerabilities that demanded Legislative action to prevent future assassination attempts,” said Singer. “It is our imperative to protect judges from evil-doers who seek vengeance. This bill will close loopholes that can literally lead the bad guys to front door of those they intend to harm.”

The bill, entitled “Daniel’s Law” in memory of Judge Salas’ son, would prohibit the disclosure of the home addresses of any judicial officer, law enforcement officer or prosecutor.

It would also expand an existing crime concerning the disclosure of home addresses and unlisted phone numbers for active or retired law enforcement officers to also include formerly active law enforcement officers, and formerly active or retired judicial officers or prosecutors, and permit statutory civil actions for any prohibited disclosure.

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