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Singer Praises Agreement on Property Tax Exemptions for Non-Profit Hospitals

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Senator Robert Singer commended the announcement of an agreement to place a two-year freeze on property tax rates for non-profit hospitals that were tax exempt prior to a recent court ruling.

Sen. Robert Singer praised an agreement that would temporarily freeze property tax rates for non-profit hospitals and create a commission to study tax exemptions. (

“The bipartisan agreement announced today will end the need for costly litigation between non-profit hospitals and the communities they serve,” said Singer, a member of the Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee. “This agreement will afford us the time we need to conduct a proper review of the tax exemption law to find a solution that is fair to host municipalities without crippling the hospitals that serve them.”

Under the agreement, a Property Tax Exemption Study Commission will be created to review and recommend updates to state laws regarding property tax exemptions for non-profit hospitals.

Singer was the sponsor of legislation, S-3299, that sought to address the issue. That legislation was pocket vetoed at the end of the legislative session in January.

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