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Senator Robert Singer

Senator Bob Singer

Singer Picked to Serve on New Manufacturing Caucus

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Senator Robert Singer (R-Ocean, Monmouth) has been selected to serve on the newly formed Legislative Manufacturing Caucus which will work with the state’s business community to develop strategies to make New Jersey more enticing for manufacturers.

Sen. Bob Singer was selected to serve on the new Legislative Manufacturing Caucus. (Wikimedia Commons)

“I’m excited to have a role on this new sub-committee where we’ll have a chance to research and form policies that will improve New Jersey’s business climate,” Senator Singer said. “We need to do everything we can to encourage manufacturers to stay, build or expand in New Jersey.”

The new caucus will be tasked with exploring new legislation and strategies to make New Jersey more competitive for manufacturers so they can expand and locate their businesses in the state.

Legislators will work with the New Jersey Business & Industry Association in order to find out exactly what kind of changes the legislature should consider in their efforts to improve manufacturing opportunities in the state.

“This is a great chance to hear their concerns and figure out what we can do to help them,” Senator Singer said. “Building a healthy manufacturing environment is more than just supporting businesses. It’s about providing opportunities for our residents.”

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