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Singer, Gopal Congratulate Award-Winning Monmouth County

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Joint Resolution Recognizes Prestigious ‘Teddy Award’ Granted for Workers Compensation Program reform

The New Jersey Senate passed a joint legislative resolution sponsored by Senators Robert Singer and Vin Gopal applauding Monmouth County’s Division of Benefits for receiving the “Teddy Award,” in recognition of their efforts to diligently improve the county’s workers compensation program.

The Senate passed Sens. Singer and Gopal’s joint resolution congratulating Monmouth County for receiving the ‘Teddy Award.’ (

Monmouth County’s reforms have been nationally recognized and awarded the Theodore Roosevelt Workers’ Compensation and Disability Management Award, also known as the ‘Teddy Award’ by Risk & Insurance.

“What does this award really stand for?” Senator Singer (R-Monmouth and Ocean) opined. “Ensuring your employees are kept healthy, secure, and can get back to work quickly and safely after an injury. It’s a wonderful achievement that puts Monmouth County and New Jersey in the national spotlight. I am proud to represent a county that truly cares about the quality of life for their 4,100 employees.”

The resolution is also sponsored by Monmouth County’s Senators Declan O’Scanlon, Sam Thompson, and Vin Gopal, and Assemblymembers Sean Kean, Edward Thomson, Serena DiMaso, Amy Handlin, Robert Clifton, Ronald Dancer, Joann Downey, and Eric Houghtailing.

“We have a lot of pride in Monmouth County and the public employees that help make it the wonderful place it is to live,” said Senator Gopal (D-Monmouth). “The Teddy Award is an honor that represents our commitment to those who support our communities every day. Monmouth County would not be what it is without them and this is a testament to our appreciation of all our employees’ hard work.”

This prestigious “Teddy Award” was named after President Theodore Roosevelt, as he introduced the first significant piece of workers’ compensation legislation.

Established in 1994, this accolade recognizes organizations that provide tangible evidence of a strong workers’ compensation program that is driven by collaboration, integrates sustainability, and enacts solutions that exceed traditional methods.

Monmouth County began modernizing their workers compensation program in 2008. From 2009 to 2017, claim volume decreased by more than 40 percent and lowered losses by 76 percent. The county’s calendar year paid totals have also decreased from $5.1 million in 2010 to $4.4 million in 2017.

“I am thankful that these reforms have brought prestige to Monmouth County, and the entire State of New Jersey,” Singer added. “Monmouth County is a leader in effective reforms and has set an example for the other twenty counties in the State to follow. This award demonstrates that public entities can truly make a difference. Enacting similar county improvements Statewide could save New Jersey taxpayers millions. I hope to see other areas of our state follow suit in the near future.”

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