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Singer: Can We Really Believe That These Chairpersons Have a Nonpartisan Approach?

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Senator Raises Issues with (Attached) Committee Resolution Passed to Give Democrats Total Control

Senator Robert Singer (R-Monmouth, Ocean) issued the following statement on the “New Jersey Legislative Select Committee on Investigation,” which was established today via Senate and Assembly adoption:

“I am deeply concerned that Legislative Democrats are taking this committee down a purely partisan path to divert from what should be fair and transparent fact-finding mission into Port Authority lane alterations.

“While trying to portray that this is a ‘bipartisan committee,’ the sham of a resolution passed this afternoon by Democrat committee members has positioned their political party to have absolute control over subpoena power and any documents or information.

“In terms of membership, the committee breakdowns are troubling to say the least. It’s 2-to-1, Democrat, and 3-to-1, Senate Democrat, which is not consistent with the ratio of Democrats to Republicans in the New Jersey Legislature. This statewide committee lacks an appropriate proportion of members from South Jersey. Democrats have also concocted this panel to be led by two co-chairpersons from their own political party who have waged political wars against Gov. Christie: One ran against him as the Democrat’s Lt. Governor candidate and the other is the former head of the State Democratic Committee who reportedly may aspire to be governor. Can we really believe that these chairpersons have or will maintain a nonpartisan approach?

“The people have every right to demand – and my colleagues and I will try to ensure – a truly bipartisan service from this committee, which ironically has lacked any sort of reasonable transparency and balance of power in trying to address a matter of transparency and use of power.”

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