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Singer Bill Combatting Drug Overdose Epidemic Signed

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Authorizes Counties to Establish Drug Overdose Fatality Review Teams

Legislation sponsored by Senator Robert Singer to help control the expanding epidemic of overdose deaths was signed into law today.

Legislation sponsored by Sen. Robert Singer to authorize counties to establish local drug overdose fatality review teams to help save lies was signed into law. (Pixabay)

Singer’s bill signed today. A-798/S-52, would authorize counties to establish local drug overdose fatality review teams.

“From every tragic overdose, we can learn valuable lessons that can help avert similar deaths in future,” said Singer (R-30). “The fatality review teams will provide a proactive approach to saving lives. Rigorous research, analysis and evaluation will help reduce the rampant plague of overdose that threatens our loved ones, friends and neighborhoods.”

The teams would work to develop strategies to prevent drug overdoses and promote cooperation among state and local government agencies.

“Similar teams have been utilized effectively in other states,” Singer said. “Now we will do the same in New Jersey, and lives will be saved.”

Under the new law, the Commissioner of Health will develop a uniform, standardized reporting process for tracking drug overdose deaths, and forward specific details and information about each loss to the appropriate local drug overdose fatality review teams.

The review teams will have access to certain health treatment records and government records concerning the overdose victim.

More than 3,000 lives are lost to overdoses in the state annually.

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