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Senate Passes Singer Bill to Bring More Nursing Aides to NJ

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The New Jersey State Senate has passed reciprocity legislation sponsored by Senator Robert Singer (R-Monmouth, Ocean) that would allow nursing aides who have been certified in a different state to use their license to practice in New Jersey.

The New Jersey Senate has passed reciprocity legislation sponsored by Sen. Robert Singer to allow nursing aides already certified in another state to use their license to practice in New Jersey. (©iStock)

Singer noted that unless the Legislature takes action, New Jersey will have the nation’s third largest shortage of nurses by 2030.

“We are in the midst of a statewide doctor and nurse shortage,” Senator Singer said. “This crisis is impacting the quality and speed of care that we can provide to our residents. There is no doubt that this problem will only continue to grow as New Jersey, and the country, struggles to meet the needs of  an aging populous. This bill is an easy way to instantly expand the pool of highly-trained applicants.”

Senator Singer’s bill, S-2679, would codify out-of-state nursing aides reciprocity requirements into law.

S-2679 would also allow the Department of Health to require an individual’s certification to be accepted on the basis of their work experience.

“There are countless, highly-qualified and experienced nursing aides who can’t work in New Jersey simply because of our outdated reciprocity rules. Why should these professionals have to pay for costly training courses and examinations they have already completed in a neighboring state?” Senator Singer said. “On behalf of patients everywhere, we have to take action now.”

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