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Sen. Singer & Duvi Honig, Founder of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, Call for ‘New Jersey Economic Development Day’

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Senator Robert Singer has introduced a resolution that would name the second Monday of May as “New Jersey Economic Development Day.” The legislation is inspired by Duvi Honig, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber Of Commerce.

Sen. Robert Singer has introduced a resolution that would name the second Monday of May as “New Jersey Economic Development Day.” (Pixabay)

“We can do much more to make the Garden State a competitive place to grow or start a business,” Singer (R-30) said. “New Jersey is blessed with a well-educated workforce, an ideal location, easy-to-access public transportation, and the best schools in the nation. Boosting economic growth is critical to ensuring the vitality of our economy.”

Sen. Singer’s joint resolution, SJR-72, aims to encourage and promote New Jersey state and local economic development programs.

The resolution requests that the Governor annually calls upon elected officials, business owners, and the citizens of New Jersey to discuss job creation, fiscal resiliency, and how to best enhance business development plans.

“My grandfather was a Holocaust survivor,” Honig said. “He immigrated to America with limited resources and achieved the American dream. I wish to honor his legacy by creating ‘Economic Development Day’ here in New Jersey. With the right network and right resources, we will proactively boost education, connection and direction for everyone in the state. I look forward to New Jersey being the starting point, and aim to introduce similar legislation in other states.”

Sen. Singer and Mr. Honig noted that Michael Roberts, a Rutgers Law School student and Ambassador to the Chamber, has also been a substantial contributor to the bill.

“I am proud to work with Duvi Honig and the Orthodox Jewish Chamber Of Commerce to put words into action and enhance New Jersey’s business network,” Singer stated. “By teaming up with Mr. Honig and the Chamber, we can take networking to a new level in this state.”

“The Orthodox Jewish Chamber Of Commerce is excited to work with Sen. Singer,” Honig added. “We have the opportunity to create new business avenues thorough existing funding. Let’s synergize state government and corporate dollars to reduce overlap and stimulate the economy. This will help all New Jerseyans regardless of race, religion, or creed.”

“Small businesses are the backbone of our state’s economy,” Singer added. “This resolution is a great way to encourage the people of New Jersey to support the trades and industries that make our state unique. By raising awareness, we can improve New Jersey’s business climate for generations of customers and job creators to come.”

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