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Now Law: Singer Bill to Draw Nursing Aides to NJ

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Legislation Allows Out-Of-State License Use

Legislation sponsored by Senator Robert Singer (R-30) to allow nursing aides who were certified out-of-state to use their license to care for people in New Jersey was signed into law on Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019 by Governor Phil Murphy.

Senator Robert Singer’s legislation allow nursing aides who were certified out-of-state to use their license to care for people in New Jersey was signed into law. (Flickr)

“Prior to my bill being signed into law, many highly-qualified and experienced nursing aides couldn’t work in New Jersey simply because they live out of state,” Singer said. “The number of job openings for certified nursing assistants is staggering. There are more than 1,800 vacant positions in nursing homes throughout New Jersey.

“Allowing nursing assistants who were certified in a different state to use their license, extensive work experience and qualified credentials to work in New Jersey will go a long way to ensuring our most vulnerable patients and seniors in need get proper and timely care.”

Senator Singer’s S-2679 codifies out-of-state nursing aide reciprocity requirements into law.

The law also allows the State Department of Health to require an individual’s certification to be accepted on the basis of their work experience.

“I am pleased that our state is taking action to combat the nursing home job shortage by welcoming more qualified medical professionals to New Jersey,” Singer added. “Increasing the supply of labor to meet a growing demand is a win-win for patients, families, and all of the over-stressed caregivers who desperately need help now.”

On Thursday, Governor Murphy also signed a number of other healthcare-related bills, including Senator Singer’s S-466 to require the state Commissioner of Banking and Insurance to implement regulations establishing both universal application and renewal forms for dentists applying to participate in a health benefits plan.

A copy of that legislation can be found here.

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