ACTION ALERT: Try our Sick Leave Reform Calculator to find out how much you can save with sick leave reform.

Sick Leave Reform Calculator
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How Much Can Your Town Save with Sick Leave Reform?

Under current state law, local government and school district employees can bank an unlimited number of unused sick days forever and cash them in for huge payouts when they retire. These budget busting payouts can lead to huge property tax increases for residents.

In fact, the problem is so bad that property taxpayers across New Jersey are already on the hook for $825 million of unused sick pay that is currently eligible to be paid out. Some towns even have to borrow millions of dollars to pay these sick leave bonuses.

Under sick leave reforms proposed by Governor Chris Christie and Senate Republicans, unused sick days would be available only for their intended purpose, providing a significant savings to taxpayers. These reforms have been blocked by Trenton Democrats.

Try our Sick Leave Reform Calculator to find out how much taxpayers in your town can save.

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Note: Data provided by Department of Community Affairs and is current as of calendar year 2010. If a town is not listed, they either have no current liability or did not report it.

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