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Statement from Senate Republican Caucus on State Budget

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The fifteen members of the Senate Republican caucus issued the following joint statement this morning:

Statement from the Senate Republican caucus on the State budget. (

“The failures of the Governor and Democratic majorities in both houses of the Legislature have brought us back to Trenton after our constitutional deadline to approve a balanced budget has passed.

“To be clear, these are failures of Democrats alone.

“Even this morning, a day after Governor Murphy, Senate President Sweeney, and Assembly Speaker Coughlin stood together to announce an agreement on billions in spending and tax increases, they continue to argue over exactly how to raise taxes on New Jerseyans.

“Nothing, in any of their proposals, would stop the flight of New Jersey’s suffering families and employers to other more affordable states. To the contrary, all of their plans would make that problem worse.

“This single-party government run by Democrats has failed New Jersey. Our great state deserves better.”

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