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Senator Vince Polistina

Senator Vince Polistina

Polistina, Guardian and Swift Announce Full Re-opening of Cardiff MVC

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Senator Vince Polistina, along with Assemblyman Don Guardian and Assemblywoman Claire Swift (all R-Atlantic), announced the re-opening of the Motor Vehicle Commission’s Cardiff location for all transactions.

Sen. Vince Polistina, along with Asm. Don Guardian and Asw. Claire Swift, announced the re-opening of the MVC’s Cardiff location for all transactions. (Wikimedia Commons)

“Since COVID, Atlantic County residents have been forced to travel significant distances due to the closure of the Cardiff agency for vehicle transactions,” Senator Polistina explained. “I’m happy to see the response by the MVC and their willingness to listen to the residents of Atlantic County.”

The legislators sent a request to Motor Vehicle Commission then-Chair Sue Fulton in May requesting the agency return to full service following the COVID pandemic. The legislators were notified Friday by Acting Chair and Chief Administrator Trish Littles-Floyd of the re-opening.

“We are happy to see that engaging in dialogue, and not divisive finger pointing, can lead to successful results,” stated Assemblyman Don Guardian. “We brought our issues to the agency, and while they didn’t solve the problems overnight, they responded and enabled us to ease the burden of our residents.”

“Unfortunately, many don’t have the ability to travel during the week due to personal and professional obligations,” Assemblywoman Claire Swift added. “Now, having their home county’s MVC location open for full service again, many won’t have to choose between earning a day’s pay and completing a vehicle transaction an agency.”

The legislators reminded any resident in need of an appointment to visit and to contact their office at 609-677-8266 should they need any assistance.

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