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Senator Vince Polistina

Senator Vince Polistina

Polistina Bill Creating Higher Education Student Advisory Commission Advances

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Senator Vince Polistina’s legislation that would establish the New Jersey Higher Education Student Advisory Commission and give college students more input on higher education policy was approved by the Senate today.

College students could have input on higher education policies under legislation sponsored by Sen. Vince Polistina and advanced by the Senate. (Pixabay)

The student advisory commission established by the bill, S-1731, would help forge the direction and priorities of higher education in the state.

“The bill will give a voice to hard-working young students on their way to earning their degrees,” said Polistina (R-2). “The insights provided by college students who understand not only the challenges and the obstacles as well as the opportunities of higher education can be invaluable in the ongoing quest to improve the college experience in our state.”

The 15-member commission will include three student representatives from colleges and universities, one member from each of the state’s five public research universities, three members each from county colleges and independent universities, and one student from a proprietary degree-granting institution.

Under the bill, the student commission will advise the secretary of higher education on system-wide matters and provide annual reports to the higher education committees in the Senate and Assembly.

“Nobody is more sensitive to the high cost of education and post-graduate burden of college debt than the students themselves,” said Polistina. “Their input will help galvanize public support for state colleges and identify and maximize opportunities and efficiencies within the system.”

The bill cleared the Senate with unanimous support in the previous legislative session.

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