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Senator Joe Pennacchio

Senator Joe Pennacchio

Senator Pennacchio Questions Latest Murphy Executive Order on Wearing Masks Outdoors

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Asks Why Masks Weren’t a Priority for Nursing Homes?

At a time when the CDC is considering no longer calling COVID an epidemic because of a low mortality rate, the Governor is doubling down on his executive orders by mandating New Jersey Citizens wear masks outdoors.

Senator Pennacchio today questioned Governor Murphy’s justification for his order calling for mandatory wearing of masks outdoors. (Pixabay)

“As usual, the Governor’s latest decree is arbitrary and unsupported by data,” said Senator Joe Pennacchio. “The effectiveness of masks, especially those that fail to meet the most effective N95 standards, is debatable.”

National and International Health Institutes have been consistently sending mixed messages about wearing masks.

The World Health Organization advises the use of masks for those who are sick and people who are caring for the sick.

“For people who want to take an active role and feel safer in a mask, they should, but I’m concerned the Governor’s actions are based more on political science than science,” said Pennacchio. “The best way to protect yourself and others is to practice social distancing. Avoid close contact with others when possible, and limit the duration of exposure when maintaining space isn’t practical.”

Senator Pennacchio added that the focus of the administration should be on having sick Covid patients, and those recently exposed to those patients, remaining in home isolation.

Murphy’s order requires masks to be worn outdoors.

“Does the Governor know something we don’t know? Does he have evidence that masks are needed out of doors?” asked Pennacchio. “According to Dr. Angelo DeLucia, an epidemiologist and professor of molecular virology and cancer biology at Ohio Medical School, there is not enough data to make decisions about wearing masks outdoors. It seems the Governor knows something about wearing masks outdoors that the professor does not.”

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