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Senator Joe Pennacchio

Senator Joe Pennacchio

Pennacchio Responds to Senator Menendez on Health Care

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The following statement was released by State Senator Joe Pennacchio (R-Morris/Passaic) regarding the government takeover of health care:

“Senator Menendez, rather than showing facts to defend his support of the government takeover of health care chose instead to describe opposition as ‘fearful, partisan tactics.’ The Senator failed to mention that it is within his party’s power, the Democrats, to enact this legislation now. Unlike himself, it is ‘moderate’ members of his own party who are expressing the same concerns with this legislation as have I and countless New Jersey citizens.

“The Senator invokes ‘Sarah Palin’ as if the very mention of her name will cause mass hysteria leading to unfettered support of the government’s takeover of health care. It is true that leadership of AARP has endorsed this health care scheme. However countless members of AARP disagree, many choosing to relinquish their membership. Not told is that AARP stands to make millions of dollars promoting and endorsing these supplemental health care products — surprise, surprise.

“The Senator applauds changes in Medicare D but fails to mention it was a Republican program initiated by a Republican President and a Republican Congress which started this Medicare program in the first place. Now Senator Menendez will support a $500 billion reduction in Medicare. No matter how much lipstick you put on that pig Senator, it is still $500 billion in cuts to Medicare serviced to seniors.

Assertions by Senator Menendez and liberal Democrats that billions of dollars will be saved by eliminating waste and fraud in the Medicare system rings hollow. If so, why hasn’t the Obama administration begun eliminating waste and fraud the first year of his Presidency? Why wait?

“The Senator cites ‘official government’ agencies who claim cost savings and deficit reductions from this massive government takeover. Does anyone really believe that? Keep in mind it was this cabal of Congress and government agencies who gave us trillion dollar deficits in the first place. This massive 2,000 page bill ‘fudges’ its costs by including tax increases years prior to the actual health care starting and conveniently stops short in the out years of the program when costs will balloon dramatically.

“When I expressed concern that a government agency recommended drastic reductions in mammograms for women, the Senator calls this concern a scare tactic. Saying I was ‘stirring up fabrications about rationed care.’ Senator, it was the government you put so much faith in that made these recommendations, not me. Typical of liberal politicians when confronted by fiscal reality and facts, the Senator interjects words such as ‘fear, partisan, and myths’ to sustain an otherwise unsustainable argument. Senator, the people of New Jersey deserve better.”

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