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Senator Joe Pennacchio

Senator Joe Pennacchio

Pennacchio Lauds Reported Proposal to Extend No. 7 Subway Line to NJ

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Says Plan Makes More Sense than Cancelled ARC Tunnel, Billions Cheaper for NJ Taxpayers

Senator Joe Pennacchio (R-26) said that a proposal that reportedly is being considered to extend New York City’s Number 7 subway line to the Secaucus Junction rail station would provide mass transit in the region with a much needed boost in capacity, provide commuters with increased flexibility and save New Jersey taxpayers billions of dollars relative to the cancelled ARC tunnel project.

“Unlike the ARC tunnel project, which Governor Christie rightly cancelled last year, the extension of the Number 7 subway line to Secaucus Junction makes sense for New Jersey,” said Pennacchio. “While the ARC tunnel would have sent riders to a new station deep under Macy’s basement that connected to nothing else, train riders connecting to the Number 7 line at Secaucus Junction would immediately be tied into the whole New York City subway system. This makes practical sense for New Jersey commuters in a way that the ARC tunnel never did.”

According to a published report in the New York Post, the extension of the Number 7 line to New Jersey could be built for less than $10 billion, with costs split evenly between New York City, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and the State of New Jersey.

Pennacchio said that such a split in costs would be much fairer to New Jersey than the deal the state had to fund the ARC tunnel. Under the scrapped ARC tunnel plan, which ballooned in price from $8.7 billion to nearly $14 billion, New Jersey was responsible for shouldering the entire financial burden of the expected $5 billion in cost overruns, in addition to our original financial commitment. New York had declined to contribute anything to the cost of that project.

“When Governor Christie pulled out of the ARC tunnel project, he said that we cannot leave New Jersey taxpayers on the hook for an open-ended mega-project that would fail to deliver the transportation options that we need at a reasonable cost,” added Pennacchio. “At the time, naysayers trashed the Governor saying no other plan to add rail capacity across the Hudson would be considered for decades. This new plan, in the works just one year later, proves they were wrong. If the extension of the Number 7 line to Secaucus Junction comes to fruition, commuters will have more rail seats to get to work at a savings of billions of dollars to New Jersey taxpayers.”

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