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Senator Declan O'Scanlon

Senator Declan O'Scanlon

O’Scanlon & DiMaso: Masks Requirement Should be Cautious, Not Draconian

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Senator Declan O’Scanlon and Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso (both R-Monmouth) today commented on news that the Governor signed an executive order requiring face masks in certain situations outdoors:

Sen. Declan O’Scanlon and Aswm. Serena DiMaso commented on news that the Governor signed an executive order requiring face masks in certain situations outdoors. (Pixabay)

“We have to be reasonable, cautious, but not draconian,” said O’Scanlon. “The Governor’s statements today have indicated that masks could be required for people congregating in large groups and cannot social distance; which is pretty much in line with what has been said from the beginning. We have to see what the actual executive order says first to ensure it’s not overreaching. If you are outside jogging avoiding people you shouldn’t be mandated to wear a mask, but if you’re crowded together–like we saw with the government made disaster of the MVC reopening–then we should be smart and cautious and throw on a mask.”

“It will all come down to what we see in the Governor’s executive order and how local officials enforce it. It will at best be a difficult thing to enforce for locals,” DiMaso stated. “Of course we want people to be safe and smart in large crowds, and those at risk should be especially cautious. However, we also want to make sure we aren’t mandating masks outdoors for children at summer camps or playing sports, or individuals sitting on a beach or enjoying the outdoors with their families or friends. The Senator and I have tried to echo logic in all of this but also will hold the administration accountable if they overstep with micro-management as we’ve seen on several occasions.”

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