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Senate Republicans Will Seek Vote on $1,000 “Give It Back” Rebates at Tomorrow’s Session

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Democrats Improperly Blocked a Similar Effort on June 1 to Prevent Their Members from Being on Record

Senate Republicans will make a motion during tomorrow’s Senate session to have the full chamber vote on legislation that would provide $1,000 “Give It Back” rebates to four million New Jersey families.

Senate Republicans will make a motion during tomorrow’s Senate session to have the full chamber vote on legislation that would provide $1,000 ‘Give It Back’ rebates to four million New Jersey families. (

“It’s been more than three months since Senate Republicans introduced our plan to provide millions of New Jersey families with immediate $1,000 ‘Give It Back’ rebates,” said Senate Republican Leader Steven Oroho (R-24). “During that time, our proposal has languished in the Democrat-run Legislature while gas prices continue hitting new records, soaring inflation is driving up the cost of groceries, and tax overcollections by our Treasury Department have ballooned to nearly $9 billion. Since Democrats refuse to act on their own, we will make a motion at tomorrow’s session to have the full Senate consider our proposal to provide $1,000 of direct relief to struggling New Jersey families.”

Oroho and Senate Republican Budget Officer Declan O’Scanlon (R-13) sponsor S-2243, which would return $3 billion of tax overcollections to four million New Jersey families through $1,000 “Give It Back” rebates.

Since the bill has not had a hearing in more than 60 days since it was referred to the Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee following introduction, the Rules of the Senate (12:6) allow the prime sponsors to make a motion to relieve the bill from committee for consideration by the full Senate.

Democrats improperly blocked a similar motion by Senator Ed Durr (R-3) on another Republican “Give It Back” bill at the last Senate session on June 1 to avoid a recorded vote.

“We’ll make a motion to relieve our ‘Give It Back’ rebate legislation from committee according to the rules of the Senate,” added O’Scanlon. “Democrats should have the guts to vote for or against our motion, as our rules require, without hiding behind the Senate President as they did last time. Besides, why would any Democrat oppose giving their constituents $1,000 rebates as we’ve proposed in this difficult time?”

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