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Senator Steven Oroho

Senator Steve Oroho

O’Toole, Oroho: MVC Budget Hearing a Campaign Event

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Calling today’s Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee field hearing regarding long-standing technology issues at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission little more than a campaign event, Republican committee members Kevin O’Toole (R- Essex), and Steve Oroho (R- Sussex) issued the following statements:

Senator Kevin O’Toole (R- Essex):

“The idea that problems resulting from MVC’s computer systems have miraculously sprung up in less than two years under the Christie Administration is laughable on its face. Today’s hearing, held in a swing legislative district rather than Trenton despite no public testimony being taken, is little more than a campaign event held for the benefit of area legislators’ re-election campaigns. Today’s hearing was great political theater. However, this hearing accomplished nothing in the line of problem solving.”

“Fortunately, the Commissioner is solving problems despite the Majority’s politics: expanding office hours by 20%, reorganizing staff resources to address increasing service loads, and renovating MVC locations to better utilize space and accommodate customers, all of which will result in shorter wait times in the near term. And, the Commissioner is moving as quickly as possible to modernize the state’s license system using facial recognition technology and offer online renewals- something that was available to the state and should have been done former Governor Corzine but was neglected.”

Senator Steven Oroho (R- Sussex):

“Under the Christie Administration and Commissioner Martinez, MVC offices are open more hours per week than ever before to accommodate customers and reorganized to provide better, faster, more courteous service. But in this day and age customer service cannot improve without the proper investment technology. Commissioner Martinez is, in my opinion, compensating for the neglect of these upgrades in years past under Democratic governors and is implementing the system as quickly as possible.”

“I also welcome the change of heart Democratic members of the committee have had today with regard to civil service reform and outsourcing state services where it can save taxpayer dollars and improve service. I agree that these measures will help improve customer service at every level of government, and look forward to working with my friends across the aisle to make those reforms reality in New Jersey.”

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