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Senator Steven Oroho

Senator Steve Oroho

Oroho to Vote Against State Budget Citing Negative Impact on Local Schools

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Senator Steven Oroho (R-24), a member of the Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee, announced that he will vote against the FY18 New Jersey state budget due to the negative impact reductions in state education aid would have on local schools.

Sen. Steven Oroho will vote against the FY18 New Jersey state budget due to the negative impact reductions in state education aid would have on local schools. (

“I cannot in good conscience vote for a state budget that would cut more than $1 million from our local schools in the 24th Legislative District,” said Oroho. “I worked with the Governor to restore $2.3 million of the cuts under the Democrats’ original plan, but I’m still not satisfied that the final budget represents school funding fairness or the best possible education policy.”

Oroho highlighted the contrast between the deliberative effort to implement a new school funding formula through the Senate Select Committee on School Funding Fairness on which he served, and the unspecified methodology employed to implement funding increases and decreases to school districts through the state budget process.

“Our Select Committee spent months taking testimony and debating the merits of various ways to fairly fund New Jersey schools, but very little of that was incorporated into the school funding changes that would be implemented by the state budget,” said Oroho. “It’s not clear that there is any rhyme or reason to how this state budget prioritizes education funding.”

Oroho worked with the administration to ensure that districts impacted by cuts will have a mechanism to replenish any remaining lost aid through an application process to the New Jersey Department of Education.

“I have consistently stated that it’s unreasonable to ask school districts that already approved budgets to make substantial cuts as the new fiscal year begins,” added Oroho. “I encourage every impacted school district to take advantage of this application process as it is rolled out.”

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