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Oroho/Pennacchio/Corrado Chide Trenton Democrats for Muddled Priorities

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Senator Steven Oroho, Senator Joe Pennacchio and Senator Kristin Corrado today blasted Democrat leadership in Trenton for their response to the price of concert tickets.

Sens. Oroho, Pennacchio and Corrado said the Legislature should be focused on more important issues than concert ticket prices. (Pixabay)

“The priorities in Trenton are off the rails,” said Oroho (R-24). “There is more interest in investigating the price of admission to a Bruce Springsteen concert than there has ever been for unraveling the bureaucratic confusion that led to the deaths of almost 10,000 people in nursing homes.”

The New Jersey-native rocker and his band aren’t going on tour until next year, but tickets went on sale today for the Newark and New York shows scheduled for April. Tour sales have been marred by a new demand-based process that has skyrocketed the cost of some tickets to more than $4,000.

This week, the press reported Democrat leadership said it’s “our responsibility to investigate current pricing practices” and the Assembly will hold a hearing to “ensure fairness and affordability in the process.”

“There is a slew of more important issues for New Jersey residents. These ticket prices are ridiculous. I don’t know who would pay them,” said Pennacchio (R-26). “But that’s a choice. Nobody is forced to go to the concerts.

“It wasn’t an option when elderly residents were trapped in nursing homes filled with COVID. They had no option, and they had no voice. The Legislature should be investigating these silent tragedies. Instead, the focus in on placating the TMZ audience with an investigation into Ticketmaster,” Pennacchio noted.

“The residents of New Jersey had bigger things in mind when they sent us to Trenton on their behalf,” said Corrado (R-40). “We have families who lost loved ones and they deserve answers. We are on the brink of a health care insurance crisis. And the majority party is prioritizing concert prices.

“This cannot continue.”

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