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Senator Steven Oroho

Senator Steve Oroho

Oroho: It’s Time to Safely Reopen All New Jersey Businesses

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Highlights Importance of Opening Gyms for Physical and Mental Health

Senator Steven Oroho is calling for the safe reopening of all businesses throughout the Garden State echoing a plea made by the New Jersey Business and Industry Association, the largest statewide employer association.

Sen. Steven Oroho is calling for the safe reopening of all businesses throughout the Garden State echoing a plea made by NJBIA. (Pixabay)

“The objective of the shutdown was to reduce the number of COVID-19 cases and prevent our hospitals from becoming overwhelmed, which we have accomplished,” said Oroho. “It’s now time for the governor to allow all New Jersey businesses to reopen. Frankly, if a business can comply with appropriate safety protocols that align with CDC guidelines, it makes no sense to deny them the ability to reopen. The call to action made by the New Jersey Business and Industry Association is entirely reasonable and deserves the governor’s support.”

While Governor Phil Murphy has announced reopening dates for different industries in an arbitrary and inconsistent fashion, too many businesses remain closed completely or under severe restrictions that hinder successful operations.

In calling for the reopening of all businesses, the New Jersey Business and Industry Association stated, “The thousands of Main Street and small businesses that remain closed…can no longer withstand the loss of ongoing revenue and must be given the opportunity to reopen, as long as they can do so in a responsible manner.”

Of particular note, Oroho emphasized the importance of opening gyms and fitness centers throughout New Jersey, which remain fully shuttered.

“Regular exercise is a powerful tool that can improve your physical strength, mental health, immune system, and overall well-being,” added Oroho. “With heightened isolation and reduced physical activity being an adverse effect of the COVID shutdown, the importance of reengaging in physical fitness cannot be understated. Allowing gyms to open while ensuring social distancing, sanitation measures, and safety parameters are in place will keep both patrons and employees healthy, safe, and well.”

Oroho also derided the break from what was originally hailed by Governor Murphy as a multi-state regional approach to reopening saying, “New Jersey continues to lag even our neighbors in reopening which is strangling too many businesses and will have long term, devastating consequences on both employment and revenue for our state. At the very least, let’s look at segmenting areas of the state that have very low cases and fully reopen them. This intrastate regional approach has been adopted by our neighboring states and been endorsed by county governments, especially those who are border counties and directly compete with adjoining states.”

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