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Senator Steven Oroho

Senator Steve Oroho

Oroho Blasts Today’s NJ Supreme Court Pension Decision, Says Vacancies Must Be Filled

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Senator Steven Oroho, R-Sussex, Warren, Morris, stated the following about this morning’s state Supreme Court pension and health benefits ruling:

“Our state Supreme Court has once again failed New Jerseyans, this time by putting self interest above the public good. Today’s ruling further demonstrates the elitist nature of a Court that continues to thumb its nose at the taxpayer.

“While all other public employees are contributing more toward their pensions and health benefits under fiscally responsible, bipartisan benefits reforms enacted last year, the Court has decided to protect judges from paying a fair and reasonable share toward benefits that cannot and should not be afforded overwhelmingly by taxpayer dollars.

“It’s time for the Legislature to move on bipartisan legislation, SCR-110, of which I am a co-sponsor that specifically writes into the State Constitution that judges should not be treated specially when it comes to public employee benefits.

“This ruling is more agitating than surprising, given the current make up of our state Supreme Court. Senate Democrats are dragging their feet on filling Court vacancies because they are satisfied with the current liberal bias that exists on the Court at present. New Jersey voters elected Governor Christie, in part, for his vow to exercise his gubernatorial right to reform the Supreme Court from being an unrestrained, activist branch of government to one that interprets law rather than legislating from the bench.

“Clearly, it’s time for the Senate Democrats to move on Court vacancies when we are having a justice (Wefing) act as a tiebreaker on such an important public policy issue when that judge has never even received the advice and consent of the Senate in accordance with the State Constitution and was merely elevated to the High Court to enable it to function with a sufficient quorum. Today’s ruling is also evidence the Court is not only absent an adequate complement of members, but what is most lacking is a majority of justices who put taxpayers first.”

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