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Howarth, Peters to Expand Veteran Tax Exemption to Surviving Spouses

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Surviving spouses of veterans would be eligible for the state’s $3,000 Income Tax Exemption for Veterans under a new bill sponsored by 8th Legislative District assemblymen Joe Howarth and Ryan Peters.

The legislators introduced the bill on Monday.

Surviving spouses of veterans would be eligible for the state’s $3,000 Income Tax Exemption for Veterans under a new bill sponsored by 8th Legislative District Asm. Joe Howarth and Asm. Ryan Peters. (Wikimedia Commons)

“Military spouses support our troops in immeasurable ways. They are part of the US Armed Forces family, and if their spouse dies, they’re being kicked out of the family.” said Assemblyman Howarth. “We need to show the widowed men and women of our veterans that they will continue to be supported.”

The exemption is currently available to all veterans who were honorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces, but is only available to surviving spouses if their spouse died that year. Any following year, surviving spouses are currently ineligible for the $3,000 exemption.

“Spouses of our veterans go through challenging sacrifices throughout their lives, often having to uproot their homes and raise children on their own for long stretches of times,” said Assemblymen Peters, who served multiple combat duties overseas as a Navy SEAL. “Those sacrifices were made because they knew their loved one was making a courageous difference in defending this country.”

“The commitment they made throughout the years does not disappear when their spouse dies and neither should the protections we put in place to make the life of a military family a little less challenging,” Peters continued.

The tax exemption for veterans was originally championed by Senator Dawn Marie Addiego and written into legislation to bolster the Transportation Trust Fund.

The deduction is new to the 2017 tax year causing many veterans to be unaware of it. Leading up to the start of tax season, and throughout recent months, the 8th District delegation of Addiego, Howarth and Peters has circulated a public outreach campaign that includes step-by-step directions on how to collect the exemption. The campaign has reached tens of thousands of veterans in the state through social media platforms, email, letters and word of mouth.

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