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Senator Jim Holzapfel

Senator Jim Holzapfel

Ciesla, Wolfe & Holzapfel: Christie Restores PAAD Funding without Tax Hikes, Gimmicks

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State Sen. Andy Ciesla and Assemblymen Dave Wolfe and James Holzapfel, all R-Ocean and Monmouth, issued the following statement regarding the announcement today from the Christie administration that Governor Christie is going to restore funding for the PAAD and Senior Gold prescription drug assistance programs in the Fiscal Year 2011 budget as a result of increases in rebate collections from drug manufacturers, higher utilization of generic drugs, expanded eligibility for enrollment in Medicare Part D’s Low Income Subsidy program and manufacturer discounts in Medicare part D “donut hole”:

“For those who claim Governor Christie is making senior citizens bear more than their share of sacrifice, this announcement today proves quite the contrary,” said Ciesla. “All the Democrats have offered are more tax increases which will further damage our economy and job creation. Governor Christie, on the other hand, is restoring funding to programs for seniors in need through responsible, viable means that does not increase the State budget one cent.”

“Governor Christie’s announcement is welcome news for the senior community, especially here in the 10th district where nearly 20,000 program recipients reside,” said Wolfe. “While many of our residents are struggling to make ends meet, our state’s economic crisis has hit senior citizens particularly hard. Governor Christie and his administration are to be commended for restoring funding to these vital senior prescription drug assistance programs through responsible means – without the need to raise taxes or by raiding other funds.

“Governor Christie has once again demonstrated his commitment to the senior community and New Jersey’s taxpayers by funding an important program without resorting to tax hikes, increasing spending or using other one-shot gimmicks,” stated Holzapfel. “Restoration of funding for these two programs clearly demonstrates that providing for the needs of seniors and those with disabilities is a priority of the Christie administration.”

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