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Senator Edward Durr

Senator Edward Durr

VIDEO: What Governor Murphy Did with $120 Million of Your Tax Dollars Should Be ILLEGAL

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What New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy did with $120 million of your tax dollars should be ILLEGAL.

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The governor used pandemic relief funds to give checks of up to $4,000 to undocumented immigrants and convicts leaving jail.

Meanwhile, billions of relief dollars for struggling renters, homeowners, and small businesses remains unspent.

And millions in relief funds set aside to help moms buy baby formula was never released.

But who got their money quickly from the Murphy administration? Illegal immigrants and criminals.

“It’s insane that undocumented immigrants and convicts who broke the law got $4,000 cash payments from the Murphy administration while law-abiding New Jerseyans who needed help got nothing,” said Senator Ed Durr (R-3). “What Governor Murphy did with $120 million of your tax dollars should be illegal.”

Click here to watch the video.

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