New Jersey's 3rd Legislative District

Senator Edward Durr

Senator Edward Durr

Durr Responds to Attorney General’s Attack on Second Amendment Rights

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Senator Ed Durr (R-3) issued the following statement after New Jersey Attorney General Matt Platkin tweeted that he is ‘committed to getting guns out of homes’ in the wake of a domestic violence incident in Phillipsburg:

Sen. Ed Durr said Attorney General Matt Platkin wants to “disarm people in their homes” in the wake of a domestic violence incident in Phillipsburg. (

“Once again, Attorney General Matt Platkin is showing his disdain for the 2nd Amendment and the constitutional rights of New Jerseyans by saying he wants to disarm people in their homes. If the Attorney General really is interested in improving public safety, he would focus his resources on targeting the illegally obtained and owned guns that are used in most gun-related crimes.

“However, I am glad to see the Attorney General acknowledge that many women face a serious and often life-threatening risk of domestic violence, which can occur both inside and outside the home and involve both current and former relationships. Unfortunately, the Murphy administration has blocked all efforts to allow women who feel threatened to obtain concealed carry permits in an expedited manner.

“Rather than disarming law-abiding women who are at risk in their own homes, I encourage the Attorney General to support my legislation, Senate Bill S1977, that would expedite carry permit applications for firearm purchasers when domestic violence restraining orders are in effect. Women have a right to defend themselves.”

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