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Senator Edward Durr

Senator Edward Durr

Durr Introduces Mega-Bundle of Bills Protecting Gun Rights of Law-Abiding NJ Citizens

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Senator Ed Durr introduced a bundle of five gun rights bills this week, the first installment of his 15-bill package to advance safe, responsible firearm ownership for law abiding citizens.

Sen. Ed Durr introduced a bundle of five gun rights bills this week, the first installment of his 15-bill package to advance safe, responsible firearm ownership for law abiding citizens. (Wikimedia Commons)

“With some of the most rigid gun laws in the nation, New Jersey aggressively prevents innocent residents from protecting themselves, but fails miserably when it comes to controlling illegal arms and locking up predators who commit crimes with firearms,” said Durr (R-3). “These bills will help save the lives, families and constitutional rights of New Jerseyans who have been forsaken by Trenton bureaucrats committed to releasing convicts and weakening the criminal justice system.”

Durr, who toppled long-time Senate President Steve Sweeney in the November election, has said he decided to run for office after being denied a concealed carry permit despite having a clean record.

The bills the Senator introduced on Monday:

  • S-2486 – Allows active duty members of the United States military to carry a firearm at all times.
  • S-2484 – Allows honorably discharged veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces or National Guard to carry handguns.
  • S-2490 – Repeals the “Extreme Risk Protective Order Act of 2018,” which allows legally owned guns to be seized by the courts, denying owners the presumption of innocence that is a basic tenet of the justice system.
  • S-2488 – Removes capacity limits for ammunition magazines.
  • S-2602 – Eliminates the 30-day waiting period between handgun purchases.

“These measures, and the 10 more I will be introducing, benefit residents who do not defy the laws of the state,” Durr said. “I’m standing up for the right of self-protection. It is time for Trenton to stop penalizing upstanding citizens for the irresponsible, life-threatening actions of criminals.

“As aggressive as they are, New Jersey’s current gun restrictions do nothing to make our towns safe from thugs who ignore the laws with impunity and use weapons to terrorize citizens in home invasions, armed robberies, car-jackings and drive-bys,” Durr noted.

The Senator is sponsoring 10 more important gun rights bills that will be introduced during the next two Senator quorum days, on Thursday, May 12 and Monday, May 16.

“We need gun laws in New Jersey that are fair to the families who deserve the right to protect themselves,” Durr said. “It is time to end arbitrary firearm restrictions and prevent Trenton Democrats from enacting even more laws infringing on gun rights.”

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