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Senator Edward Durr

Senator Edward Durr

Durr: Governor Murphy’s Energy Priorities are Misplaced and Out of Touch

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Senator Ed Durr questioned Governor Murphy’s energy priorities stating that his plans to ban natural gas appliances, force consumers to purchase electric vehicles, and to upend the State’s energy portfolio with the rushed adoption of offshore wind are misplaced and out of touch.

Sen. Ed Durr questioned Gov. Murphy’s energy priorities stating that they are misplaced and out of touch. (©iStock)

Durr pointed to Rhode Island, which recently walked away from plans for Orsted and Eversource to install more offshore wind turbines after determining that the proposed project would not provide the best outcome for taxpayers in their state. Officials in Rhode Island cited concerns about rising costs due to inflated supply chain expenses, the same increased costs that just led Governor Murphy to give Orsted a $1 billion bailout at the expense of New Jersey utility payers.

“While other states are starting to wake up to the realization that offshore wind is not in the best interests of their taxpayers or local economies, Governor Murphy continues to push ahead with wind farm development even when it leads to higher costs for New Jerseyans,” said Durr (R-3). “It is absurd that Governor Murphy and Trenton Democrats would rather sacrifice marine landscape, wildlife, and businesses for the sake of achieving misguided green energy policies that will costs taxpayers dearly. If the governor had any interest in actually lowering energy costs, he will join me in supporting S-3312 to invest in a diverse energy portfolio centered around carbon-free nuclear energy.”

Senator Durr’s bipartisan bill, S-3312, directs the Board of Public Utilities to study the development of, and create a pilot program for, the construction of a small modular nuclear reactor.

The Murphy administration has also tried to ban affordable natural gas in New Jersey by rushing a building decarbonization plan through the Board of Public Utilities (BPU) with little notice, which could force millions of homeowners to convert from natural gas to electric.

“Governor Murphy is trying to bypass the Legislature to enact major energy policy changes through an obscure agency with little public comment. Sadly, this has become standard operating procedure for the Murphy administration. It is abundantly clear that people reject Governor Murphy’s energy priorities when they are informed about the costs,” Durr continued. “New Jerseyans can’t afford the estimated $1.4 trillion it will cost to fully electrify the state and replace their affordable gas stoves, furnaces, and hot water heaters.”

Durr said Murphy shouldn’t try to pick winners and losers by telling people how they must heat their home or what kind of car they are allowed to park their driveway.

Just months after his administration purchased a fleet of gas-powered SUVs to chauffer top Democrat officials around the state, Governor Murphy announced a plan to force vehicle manufacturers to only sell electric vehicles (EVs) in New Jersey by 2035. He said his new rule would not impose any “obligation” on consumers.

“Governor Murphy is being completely disingenuous and trying to make it seem like his ban on gas-powered vehicle sales isn’t really a mandate for consumers,” added Durr. “If you can’t afford an expensive EV and new gasoline cars aren’t available to purchase, I guess he expects you to ride a bike to work. This is the reality of the Murphy administration’s extreme energy plans. Less choice, higher costs, and bans and mandates that they won’t admit are key components of their plan to force people to comply to force a shift to green energy.”

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