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Senator Michael Doherty

Senator Mike Doherty

Doherty Stunned that Senate Labor Panel Advances Job-Killing Legislation

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Bills Will Make New Jersey Less Affordable for All

Senator Michael Doherty, a member of the Senate Labor Committee, said he was stunned that the committee chose to release six pieces of legislation guaranteed to create more unemployment in New Jersey during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

“Prevailing wage laws boost unemployment, especially among the poor and members of minority groups, and increase the tax burden on middle class New Jersey,” Doherty said. “It is disappointing that certain members of this body chose to reward a politically powerful few at the expense of everyone in the state – especially the poor and middle class.

“The government has no business dictating how much people should be paid, whether it’s a private real estate project or a state-funded green energy job. Prevailing wage requirements do nothing but drive up costs for consumers, and send a message to small businesses, in particular, that they aren’t needed in New Jersey, and should look for opportunities in other states.”

The bills:

S-3094; which forces cities, schools and all other government entities in the state to adopt costly work and compensation rules that will diminish competition in bids for government work and result in overall lower employment by driving up the cost of labor to unaffordable levels.

S-3020; which would require payment of the prevailing wage in clean energy construction projects, a move opposed by environmentalists and clean energy advocates because it will slow or stall the growth of solar panel and wind mill installation as well as make clean energy much more costly.

S-3065; which would provide for increases in the family temporary disability taxes, adding to New Jersey’s already record high tax burden.

S-3078; requires the state negotiate with a union representing day care providers that receive state aid, a move that will inevitably reduce amount of day care the state can afford to provide for taxpayers and raise costs.

S-3080; requires the state to negotiate payment contracts with a union representing community care providers for disabled adults, a move that will inevitably reduce the amount of care the state can afford to provide for the disabled and greatly raise costs for taxpayers

S-3096; which requires the prevailing wage be paid on all projects using New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency loans, greatly expanding the cost of the projects and reducing the number of recipients the state can help with the resources it has available.

“The electorate spoke loud and clear on November 3rd,” Doherty said. “New Jersey needs to become more affordable, not less. These six pieces of legislation are being rushed through before our new governor can act on behalf of the people of New Jersey. I urge my colleagues to listen to the people, not their campaign contributors.”

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