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Governor’s Budget Address: More Spending, Taxes & Rigged School Funding Formula

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Senator Christopher Connors, Assemblyman Brian Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne Gove offered the following remarks regarding Governor Murphy’s State Budget Address:

“Oblivious to the fact that taxpayers are already at their breaking point, Governor Murphy is rallying special interests around policies that will sidestep the needs and priorities of our constituents, namely tax relief and fairness in school funding.

Sen. Connors, Asm. Rumpf and Asw. Gove said Gov. Murphy’s Fiscal Year 2021 budget proves that he is oblivious to the fact New Jersey taxpayers are at their breaking point. (Pixabay)

“Based on this Administration’s track record to date, we have good reason to be skeptical about tax relief that will assist our constituents in any meaningful way. More likely, our constituents will be forced to subsidize the education of students living in other parts of the state or continue paying higher gas taxes to cover the costs of mass transit projects in North Jersey.

“Past budgets show that big budget spending items paid for by tax increases have had the effect of crowding out any meaningful funding increases for property tax relief programs that our constituents, most especially seniors, rely heavily so they can afford to stay in their homes. State residents are likely to see more of the same if the proposed Budget is adopted.

“The proposed increase in school funding is a blatant attempt to paper over the severe and unconscionable cuts in state school aid that continue to take a punishing toll on too many local school districts. Reality may finally be setting in for the Administration, at least to a degree, which is now witnessing the true extent of the hardships created by drastic State aid cuts. School districts on the losing end of the funding formula must continue to cut positions and programs as class sizes increase to the detriment of students, parents and educational professionals affected.

“The Governor reiterated throughout his budget address that school funding is property tax relief. If that is the case, then the Governor has admitted to cutting property tax relief too many of our constituents by signing, S-2, the latest and worse version of the state’s politicized school funding formula.

“Of course, Governor Murphy was compelled to demand increasing fees for law-abiding handgun owners to help full the state’s coffers, as though these individuals were somehow a drain on state resources. The Governor went out of his way to say the proposed fee increase was not about the Second Amendment and argued that, currently, a dog license is more expensive than a handgun permit fee.

“First of all, for many of our constituents, this is about the Second Amendment, which is a right this Administration has fought long and hard to erode from day one in office. Second, we don’t recall the Founding Fathers guaranteeing Americans the right to bear dogs. The Founding Fathers did, however, guarantee Americans the right to keep and bear arms. The Governor’s equating of the need to impose a fee on citizens for exercising their constitutional right with the requirement to obtain a dog license would be laughful if this were not such a serious issue.

“Unquestionably, the interests of our constituents are not served by the Governor’s proposed Budget that is anything but pro-taxpayer or responsible. Our Delegation will act according in representing the people of the 9th Legislative District.”

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