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Connors, Rumpf & Gove New Committee Assignments Will Allow Delegation to Effectively Represent District

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Senator Christopher J. Connors, Assemblyman Brian E. Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne C. Gove have been officially notified by the Legislative Leadership of their committee assignments for the 2010-2011 Legislative Session.

Senator Connors will be retaining his seat on the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee, which will have a new Chairman for the Legislative Session. Senator Connors will also be serving on the newly created Senate Military and Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

“I am grateful for the privilege to serve on both these committees because of the opportunities they will afford me to effectively serve the unique needs of my constituents,” said Senator Connors. “Since Ocean County, which comprises the bulk of the 9th Legislative District, is home to more veterans than any other county in the state, serving on the Military and Veterans’ Affairs Committee places me in a unique position to advocate on behalf of veterans and the issues they have identified as priorities.”

Connors added, “For more than five years, the 9th District Delegation has stood as the leading voice of opposition against common interest community legislation that would allow for further regulation of our senior communities by Trenton. Greater state regulation and oversight would ultimately lead to the creation of yet another layer of government bureaucracy that the majority of taxpayers neither want nor can afford. Before reaching the Senate floor, this legislation would have to be approved by the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee. I intend to use my committee assignment to block the passage of any common interest community legislation that will detrimentally impact the ability of our senior communities to operate independently in the best interests of their residents.”

Assemblyman Rumpf will continue serving on the Assembly Transportation, Public Works and Independent Authorities Committee while also joining as a new member to the Assembly Education Committee.

“I look forward to serving on committees that are tasked with addressing two issues critical to our state,” said Assemblyman Rumpf. “Meeting our state’s infrastructure needs, especially in growing areas such as Ocean County, in the current economic climate will prove challenging but is achievable. That said, I will be a ‘No’ vote against any increase in the state gas tax proposed by legislation that will ultimately have to be heard by this Committee. Serving on the Assembly Education Committee will present me with the opportunity to ensure our children receive the 21st century education that is so crucial to a bright future. At the same time, I can also work to ensure that tax dollars are being used in an effective manner to educate our children.”

As her first committee assignments, Assemblywoman Gove will be serving on the Assembly State Government Committee and the Assembly Military and Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

Assemblywoman Gove remarked, “Legislation considered by the Assembly State Government Committee deals with a broad spectrum of areas of state government that directly impact residents. I intend to use this assignment to advocate for restraining the size, scope and cost of State government, including the bureaucracy, while ensuring essential programs and services are not compromised. Serving on the Assembly Military and Veterans’ Affairs Committee will be a privilege, as well as a serious responsibility, to ensure that the needs of those who have and are currently serving in our Armed Forces are properly met.”

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