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Connors, Rumpf & Gove Measure Seeks to Protect Seniors and Disabled From Financial Exploitation

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Senator Christopher J. Connors, Assemblyman Brian E. Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne C. Gove have introduced legislation aimed at convicting criminals who financially exploit senior citizens or disabled persons.

The 9th District Delegation issued the following joint statement regarding their new legislative initiative (S-2166/A-3080) to protect society’s most vulnerable citizens:

“After consulting with various government agencies, our Delegation has proudly introduced a comprehensive measure that would provide law enforcement with additional tools to convict criminals who prey upon seniors and the disabled. This legislation is specifically aimed at bringing to justice individuals who use a position of trust to commit theft by financially exploiting the most vulnerable members of our society.

“Persons convicted under our measure would face enhanced penalties by being sentenced to crimes one degree higher than what existing statutes call for when the victim involved is a senior or a disabled person. A ‘person of trust’ would range from a blood relative to a home health care aide so as not to allow for loopholes whereby individuals would escape the full force of the penalties called for under our bill on a technicality.

“The unfortunate reality is that there are despicable individuals who deliberately target and manipulate vulnerable persons who, in many cases, because of their difficult circumstances are more willing to or are forced to trust and provide access to someone that they normally might not trust. To help protect seniors and the disabled from being financially exploited, our Delegation intends to continue working in a bipartisan manner to advance this legislative initiative.”

Upon introduction, the Delegation’s measures were referred to the Judiciary Committee of each respective House.

For persons looking for information to better protect themselves against fraud, the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs has made available on its website ( a comprehensive guide on the state’s Senior Fraud Education and Protection Program (FEDUP).

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