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Connors, Rumpf & Gove Oppose Common Interest Community Bill; Express Concerns About Impact on Age-Restricted Communities

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As legislators with a longstanding track record of supporting the rights of age-restricted community residents, Senator Chris Connors, Assemblyman Brian Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne Gove (all R-9) said that they will continue to oppose legislation (S-2425) that would consolidate laws concerning common interest communities, including the taxation of common property, applicability of local ordinances, the effects of eminent domain, and other statutes.

As legislators with a longstanding track record of supporting the rights of age-restricted communities, the 9th District delegation will oppose legislation that would consolidate laws concerning common interest communities. (©iStock)

Senator Connors voted against the legislation in committee and on the floor of the Senate when S-2425 was presented on the Senate floor for a full chamber vote on June 10 of this year.

The members of the 9th District delegation emphasized that this legislation is especially alarming, because it would allow Trenton to interfere in the operations of age-restricted communities in cases in which it deems that a community’s bylaws do not speak to a specific issue. This means that Trenton, in turn, would act as the community’s de facto governing body.

The delegation, which represents a number of age-restricted communities, issued the following statement in opposition to S-2425:

“Residents of age-restricted communities value their autonomy. They do not want nor need Trenton interfering with their affairs.

“At first glance, this bill seems innocuous. But after careful consideration, our delegation will oppose this bill, because of provisions in the legislation that could leave the door open for Trenton to impose its will on our seniors, by filling in what it sees as gaps in a community’s bylaws.

“We don’t question the intent of the bill’s sponsors or supporters. It’s just that there’s too much history of Trenton trying to over-regulate age-restricted communities, when there is no pressing need or public support to do so.

“The fact of the matter is age-restricted communities are better run than the state government is, largely because local residents – not bureaucrats – are in charge.

“New Jersey is grappling with a number of serious problems that are victimizing taxpayers statewide. We shouldn’t be spending limited time and resources on specifying what residents of age-restricted communities can and cannot do.”

S-2425 was passed by the full Senate on June 10, 2019 and referred to the Assembly. Assemblyman Rumpf and Assemblywoman Gove will vote ‘NO’ should S-2425 be presented on the Assembly floor for a full chamber vote.

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