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A Thank You to Our Firefighters

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Senator Jean Stanfield, Assemblyman Michael Torrissi and Assemblyman Brandon Umba marveled at the speed and precision that New Jersey firefighters are tackling a forest fire that threatens to be the biggest in the state in over a decade.

Sen. Jean Stanfield, Asm. Michael Torrissi, and Asm. Brandon Umba thanked the brave New Jersey firefighters who are tackling a forest fire that threatens to be the biggest in the state in over a decade. (

The Wharton State Forest fire is about 95 percent contained, according to the New Jersey Forest Fire Service, and is expected to burn around 15,000 acres of forest.

“Over the weekend, South Jersey residents watched in fear as one of the largest forest fires in state history spread between Shamong, Hammonton, Bass River and Mullica through the Wharton State Forest. However, because of the swift action of dozens of fire companies, the fire seems to be under control with extremely minimal structural damage,” said Senator Stanfield.

“There are still many firefighters on the scene, putting in long hours and risking their lives to fully stamp out this fire. I pray they all return home safely and thank them for their service,” she continued.

“On Sunday night, when this fire was raging, I drove over to the Hammonton Fire Department and to area farms to check on everyone. We had another station covering for us while everyone was out for hours-on-end fighting this thing,” said Assemblyman Torrissi.

“Between the local departments, the State Forest Fire Service and the Governor’s Office consistently checking in, it was special to see how the entire area came together to beat back a fire that could’ve been very damaging for our residents, so I want to thank them all for that,” he continued.

“I spent years as a volunteer firefighter and know the amount of courage it takes to do what all the men and women just did these last few days. Our first responders leaving their families in the middle of the night to tackle an extremely dangerous fire should not be taken for granted by anyone. It truly is heroes’ work,” said Assemblyman Umba.

“We need to pay them back by continuing to fund volunteer and municipal firefighter operations through state grants, with federal relief money and other creative ways, so they don’t have to worry if they have the right tools for the job,” he continued.

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