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8th District Legislative Office Donates Tattered Flags for Retirement Ceremony

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More than 400 American flags received a dignified retirement at Marlton Elks Club 2514 on Sunday, November 5.

Senator Dawn Marie Addiego and Assemblyman Joe Howarth, of New Jersey’s 8th Legislative District, were joined by members of the local community, including Lodge 2514, Elks Southwest District, Operation Yellow Ribbon of South Jersey, the Evesham fire and police departments and the Cherokee High School color guard.

From left, George Tencza of Marlton Elks Club 2514, Senator Dawn Marie Addiego, Tom Wilson of the Elks Club and Assemblyman Joe Howarth get donated American flags ready for the flag retirement ceremony. (

“It’s important that we hold the symbol of our nation in high regards. The flag reminds us of all the sacrifices that are made for our freedom, and when its condition gets compromised, it’s time to give it an honorable sendoff,” Addiego said.

During the ceremony, officials put their hands to their hearts and laid the tattered, ripped and faded flags on top of a fire. The United States Flag Code instructs that when a flag is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, it should be destroyed in a dignified way.

George Tencza, a member of the Elks Club and an organizer of the event said it that the lodge holds the retirement ceremonies to properly honor and respect the symbol of the nation.

Leading up to the ceremony, Addiego and Howarth collected flags at the 8th Legislative District Office in Medford. The office collected more than 50 flags.

“We were honored to collect flags for the ceremony and are thankful to our local residents for showing up with their flags and displaying their patriotism,” Howarth said.

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