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Oroho, Space & Wirths Unveil Election Integrity Bill Package

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Conservative Trio Also Condemn Democrat Efforts to Criminalize Police Presence at Polling Places

Today, Senator Steve Oroho and Assemblymen Parker Space and Hal Wirths (all R-Sussex, Warren, Morris) unveiled their “Election Integrity” bill package.

Senator Steve Oroho and Assemblymen Parker Space and Hal Wirths unveiled their ‘Election Integrity’ bill package, a series of constitutional, common-sense measures to protect voting rights. (WikiMedia)

“We listened to our constituents and worked with election reformers from around the country,” said Oroho.  “These are constitutional, common-sense measures, in place in many States already, that both protect the integrity of elections and help to restore voter confidence in our election process.”

The legislative packet includes measures mandating that voters show a form of ID at the polls (A-134/S-3393) to legislation preserving that the winner of the Electoral College is based on state election results, as is done currently, and not the national vote (A-161/S-2653).  The bills range from legislation written for introduction by Senator Oroho and Assemblymen Space and Wirths to bills they are cosponsoring.

“The Democrats in Trenton are completely fine with New Jersey residents having to provide a legal photo identification for everything from buying cold medicine to renting a car or even to testify at the State House, but then decide it’s too much of a burden on someone to prove you are who you say you are when you vote?” asked Space, rhetorically. “That doesn’t make any sense!  Ensuring that our voting system runs without fraud is the government’s obligation to protect the sanctity of the vote.”

Democrats maintain a majority in both houses of the New Jersey Legislature, but have failed to advance legislation protecting the integrity of the vote, or even to protect voters or election workers on Election Day.  They recently voted to undo a bipartisan reform of a few decades ago and prohibited police officers from coming within 100 feet of a polling place (A-4655).

“That was the most outrageous piece of legislation that I have seen since being elected, and there have been some awful ones,” said Wirths.  “I think that the presumption of that bill is that police are in the wrong or guilty automatically.

“In addition, I think that this could suppress the vote,” Wirths added. “Many people may stay home because they feel that there won’t be law enforcement there to protect them.”

Senator Oroho was proud of the work done to prepare this package of bills.

“Parker and Hal, our staff, and my Republican colleagues from around the state worked hard to fashion legislation to protect our elections and the rights of New Jersey voters,” Oroho said.  “Many of these ideas came to Republican legislators from our constituents who were dismayed with how the 2020 election was conducted.  It is our duty as legislators to insure that each, eligible and legal voter can vote and that those votes are protected from fraud and manipulation.”

Election Integrity legislative proposals

S-185/A-119 – Removes 48-hour provision for acceptance of ballots postmarked by election day; increases penalties for violation of ballot messenger and bearer limits and candidate prohibition.

S-3393/A-134 – Requires certain documentation as proof of voter identity to vote; updates procedures for challenging voters regarding proof of identity.

S-2653/A-161 – Repeals the “Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote.”

S-3395/A-553 – Provides for agreement between Secretary of State and AOC to match information in Statewide voter registration system with certain jury records in order to identify and remove ineligible non-citizen voter registrants from system.

S-2858/A-1670 – Requires electronic voting system vendors disclose financial ties prior to electronic voting system approval by Secretary of State.  (A1670 has already passed the Assembly without opposition).

S-3391/A-2028 – Requires voter who wishes to vote by mail to complete application for mail-in ballot each calendar year; repeals automatic vote-by-mail designation.

S-3392/A-3994 – Prohibits mail-in ballot outer envelope from containing political affiliation or designation visible to public.

S-3109/A-5092 – Requires Secretary of State create website for voters to report irregularities regarding mail-in ballots; establishes “Vote by Mail Study Commission.”

S-3297/A-5097 – Requires Secretary of State to establish voter list maintenance and crosscheck program and to include certain voter registration data in annual report to Governor and Legislature.

S-2936/A-5099 – Requires commissioner of registration to move voters with undeliverable mail-in ballots to inactive file; removes such inactive voters from Statewide voter registration system following failure to vote in two consecutive federal general elections.

S-3053/A-5205 – Requires AG to create voting fraud task force.

S-3300/A-5206 – Prohibits approval of voting machine or voting system if vendor is foreign company, if domestic vendor exports technology overseas, or due to major non-citizen ownership.

S-3353/A-5259 – Transfers Division of Elections from Department of State to Department of Law and Public Safety; designates Attorney General as chief election official and requires two bipartisan co-directors.

SCR-136/ACR-197 – Proposes constitutional amendment to provide registered voters with right to cast ballot in person at polling place on election day; requires mail-in ballot request before voter receives mail-in ballot.

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