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10th District Legislators Introduce Resolution Urging Congress to Reinstate Military Members Discharged for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine

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Senator Jim Holzapfel and Assemblymen Greg McGuckin and John Catalano have introduced a resolution which urges Congress to reinstate U.S. service members who were forcibly discharged from duty in response to COVID-19 vaccine mandates. This resolution comes in response to several Marines from Ocean County who were discharged for opting out of the vaccine which prompted Congressman Chris Smith to introduce H.R. 7570.

District 10 lawmakers introduced a resolution that urges Congress to reinstate U.S. service members who were forcibly discharged from duty in response to COVID-19 vaccine mandates. (©iStock)

“Our military service members have given so much to preserve our freedoms and they should not be punished for making a personal medical decision,” stated Senator Holzapfel. “Our legislation is urging Congress to do the right thing and allow the brave men and women of our nation the opportunity to continue their service while receiving the benefits they rightfully deserve.”

COVID-19 vaccinations became mandatory for members of the Armed Forces in 2021. Those service members who did not wish to receive a vaccine were discharged, in some cases with a general discharge under honorable conditions. These discharges may create issues for future employment, interfering with their ability to serve the country and possibly reducing their eligibility for certain benefits.

“Enough with the political games that are damaging the livelihoods of our service members,” added Assemblyman McGuckin. “We can all agree that the promises we’ve made to the members of our Armed Forces should be upheld and those seeking to be reinstated have the opportunity while maintaining their benefits. In addition, taxpayers have paid billions to train our fully volunteer military branches and we should not just throw away that investment.”

This concurrent resolution would reinstate service members to their previous rank and grade, upon their request and change the discharge of an individual to honorable.

“We are ashamed at the lack of respect for the men and women who have sacrificed so much for the love of their country,” continued Assemblyman Catalano. “The vaccine mandates forced upon our Armed Forces are part of a political agenda which have ruined thousands of military careers. Those that are dismissed should be able to honorably continue serving their country and have their records rightfully restored, without question.”

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