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10th District Legislators: “Another Wasted Opportunity in Trenton”

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Majority Democrats Block Effort to Limit Governor Murphy’s Executive Powers

Following yesterday’s Senate and Assembly voting sessions, Senator Jim Holzapfel and Assemblymen Greg McGuckin and John Catalano (all R-10) said it was another wasted opportunity to act on legislation that would limit Governor Phil Murphy’s executive powers.

Holzapfel, McGuckin & Catalano said yesterday’s Senate and Assembly sessions were another wasted opportunity to act on legislation that would limit Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive powers. (

The lawmakers are sponsors of S-2482 and A-4147, which would require the Governor’s executive orders to expire in 15 days unless extended by the Legislature. The bills have not moved since their introduction in the Senate and General Assembly, despite multiple attempts by Republican lawmakers to move the bills forward.

A motion by Republicans yesterday to force a vote on A-4147 by the General Assembly was immediately blocked the the majority Democrats.

Holzapfel, McGuckin, and Catalano say their constituents are fed up with Governor Murphy’s overreach of power and endless executive orders:

“Yesterday, Republicans called for a vote on our legislation to limit the duration of Governor Murphy’s executive orders. The bill was immediately blocked by the majority Democrats. They refused to allow a vote on a critical bill that is important to so many New Jerseyans. Why are Democrats so afraid of public hearings and transparency?

“If data truly drives the decisions being made, why can’t our residents and legislators see it for themselves? Why shouldn’t we require the governor to give all of us the reasoning for why his intrusive executive orders must remain in force?

“Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to go on unemployment thanks to his orders, and countless small businesses and restaurants are suffering without any financial relief in sight. They feel as though they are being blanketed by the governor’s blatant overreach of power under the guise of safety.

“This legislation should be prioritized along with the many other bills that were heard yesterday addressing the recovery of our state. On behalf of our constituents and all New Jerseyans, we demand immediate action on our legislation which would create the necessary checks and balances this government is lacking, especially during times of crisis.”

“One person should not be able to have such a far-reaching impact on our state for so long without the input of the entire Legislature. We believe this legislation is necessary going forward to ensure that consequential emergency orders can be up for debate by the representatives who were elected by the people.”

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