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Holzapfel, Wolfe, McGuckin: $2 Billion Gas Tax Hike Is a Bad Deal for Ocean County

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Senator Jim Holzapfel, Assemblymen Dave Wolfe and Greg McGuckin (R-10) will vote against a $2 billion gas tax plan that will disproportionately impact Ocean County drivers.

Ocean County legislators Sen. Jim Holzapfel and Assemblymen McGuckin & Wolfe strongly oppose a 23-cent gas tax increase. (

“There are more than 80,000 EZ Pass users in our legislative district alone,” Senator Holzapfel (R-Ocean) said. “These drivers are already paying the highest tolls in the nation. They simply cannot afford to pay any more to use New Jersey’s roads and highways. We will not stand silently by and watch as the legislature approves a 23-cent gas tax hike that will impose severe financial hardships on the people we were elected to serve. Taxpayers in Ocean County and across this state deserve better.”

On Friday, Sept. 30, Governor Christie, Senate President Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Prieto announced their plan to fund the Transportation Trust Fund with a $2 billion gas tax increase in exchange for a cut in the sales tax from 7 to 6.625 percent that is meant to represent “tax fairness” for all New Jersey residents.

“With little or no access to mass transit, Ocean County residents have no choice but to drive long distances to get to work every day,” Assemblyman Wolfe (R-Ocean) said. “They won’t benefit from a new light rail line many miles away, and paltry three-eighths percent cut in the sales tax will not offset the hundreds of dollars more a year they will have to pay at the pump.”

“New Jersey’s gas tax is currently the second lowest in the country – it’s one of the only low taxes we have,” Assemblyman McGuckin (R-Ocean) said. “If this regressive $2 billion tax hike is signed into law, we will have the seventh highest gas tax in the nation. We are a commuting county. The only major highway we have is the Garden State parkway. New Jersey drivers pay 40 percent of the nation’s toll costs. How can we ask them to pay more in gas? This plan isn’t tax fairness – it’s a bad deal that places the burden on the backs of rural and suburban families.”

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